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Are you in your last semester of BCA, MCA/B.tech and looking for the best PHP training institute in Ludhiana? Join etudepro’s today, a 100% career oriented PHP industrial training centre providing the best courses to get hands on experience on live projects under the guidance of highly expert trainers.

PHP Programming

PHP is an authoritative server-side scripting language used by web developers to develop dynamic, database-driven websites. PHP initially stood for ‘Personal Home Page’ and started out as small open source project but with the time it has evolved in its recursive acronym i.e. “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP was formerly created by the Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. A PHP file contains ‘PHP Tags’ and it ends with the extension “.php”.

PHP Coaching Institute in Ludhiana

Etudepro is the leading PHP training institute in Ludhiana providing the 6 weeks, 6 months PHP course for fresher’s as well as for the working professionals who want to become the PHP developers. In the advanced PHP training course, you will learn everything about PHP (basic to advanced level) for creating the static to data-driven websites using open source like wordpress, joomla, magento and PHP framework like Cake PHP, Codeigniter & Zend etc. combined with MySQL. If you even don’t have IT background but still you want to pursue your career in PHP, you will also be trained by the expert web developers.

Etudepro is the best PHP coaching center in Ludhiana with a very high level of infrastructure and laboratory facility where all B.Tech, MCA & diploma candidates, who will enroll with us for PHP coaching will be given a chance to work on the live projects to enhance their programming skills and to get the job in leading IT companies.

PHP Training Course Schedule and Duration

Course Name:PHP
Duration:150 Hours [6 Months] [75 Hours [3 Months] + 50 Hours [2 Months] + 25 Hours [1 Month]]
Topic:: PHP Basics, Web features, PHP Advanced, MYSQL

Job Opportunities and Further Benefits


PHP Training Course Curriculum:

PHP Fundamentals
  • Introduction To HTML
  • Introduction To PHP
  • Configuring Your Environment
  • Constants| Operators
  • Variables and Constants
  • DataTypes| Variables
  • Control Structure, Arrays and Functions
  • Keywords
Web Features
  • Forms
  • Get and Post Data
  • Sessions
  • Cookies
PHP Advanced
  • Include Files
  • Working With File
  • Working With Operating System |
  • File Uploads
  • Error And Exceptions
  • Regular Expressions
  • Email

Why choose Etudepro for PHP Coaching?

At Etudepro, we cover up all the topics of PHP development through the practical sessions. You will be assisted a self designed manual or module by the PHP experts. Other than the best guidance for PHP, you will get the

  • Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty
  • Printed Study Material
  • Real Time Assignments/Live Projects
  • Regular Testing

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